Building Jupyter Notebook widgets with React

Hey! Do you want to use React to build user interfaces for your jupyter notebooks? Then check this out!


We are proud to present ipyreact, our widget library for jupyter notebook. It uses React for the front end, which provides a simple way to build complex widgets. The aim is not to replace the great ipywidgets project, but instead to offer an alternative.

Why React? What for?

React's state mechanism and JSX implementation gives developers great efficiency and usability benefits for building complex UIs. Ipyreact using React allows developers to use libraries from the React world in Jupyter notebooks. In the future, we would like to implement Material UI in ipyreact. This would provide high quality components, styling, animating and theming mechanisms that would dramatically enhance the quality of dashboards made from notebooks.

Where do I start ?

The project is quite young, yet it might become your next favorite widget library to build dashboards from notebooks! To get started :

  1. Have a look at the the code here.

  2. Go check the documentation for more details.

  3. Start by following the steps in the the quickstart !

  4. Get involved by looking at our developer guide, start coding and send us a pull request!

  5. If you encounter any issues or want to add new features then please raise an issue here.